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¡Ahora puedes realizar llamadas económicas a líneas fijas y móviles de Vietnam!

¡Tira las tarjetas de llamadas a Vietnam porque Vonage llega al rescate! For a low, monthly rate, Vonage World lets you call Vietnamese landlines and mobiles as much as you want¹! That means you can dial your dad's landline in Da Lat or your niece's mobile in Nam Dinh without worry, because Vonage World includes […]

Cómo llamar a Vietnam desde EE. UU.

International calls can be a veritable pain in the neck. So if you're having a time of it calling Vietnam, you need to take a breath and then take a look at our user-friendly "How To Call Vietnam" guide. Trying to call Vietnam from the U.S.? These simple dialing directions will help you: First dial […]