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How To Call Taipei From US

Get the technique for calling Taipei! You used to complain about all the Taipei festivals (Dragon Boat, Ghost, Mid-Autumn, Lantern, etc.). But now you miss them terribly. And by 'them', we mean the festivals and your loved ones across the Pacific. But dab away your sadness, as Vonage has a plan to keep you connected: […]

Make Calls to New Taipei From the U.S.

New Taipei deserves a new & improved calling plan. Growing up in New Taipei, you frequented Fulong beach and remember the delicious box lunches that made the area famous. But now you're far away. Like across-the-ocean-and-three-time-zones-far away. But Vonage has a plan. No really, an actual plan: Vonage World®. Since you moved to the U.S., […]

Cómo llamar a Taiwan desde EE. UU.

¿Llamar a Taiwan se encuentra en tu lista de cosas que hacer inmediatamente? Si es así, necesitas tomarte un momento y leer nuestra útil guía "Cómo llamar a Taiwan" a continuación. Para llamar a Taiwan desde EE. UU., simplemente sigue estas instrucciones básicas de marcado: primero marca 011, el código de salida de EE. UU. Luego marca 866, el código de país de Taiwan. Then […]