How to Call Bien Hoa from the USA

Have you been searching for cheap calls to Bien Hoa?

Although you moved from Bien Hoa months ago, you still haven't found a way to conquer your homesickness. This feeling causes you to call Bien Hoa constantly. Unfortunately, Bien Hoa calling cards are an expensive instrument for dialing, and you need a way to talk to your friends and family without your bank accounts emptying simultaneously.

Obtén Vonage World®.

Vonage's most popular calling plan has been around for awhile. But only recently have we added Vietnam and now cover calls to Bien Hoa! This means for one low monthly rate you can call Bien Hoa landlines as much as you want¹, without worrying about a big bill. And you'll be able to call Bien Hoa mobiles as well for no additional charge! Unlimited¹ calling to Vietnam is included in Vonage World. Seriously, it's like two plans for the price of one! Get Vonage World today and get to calling whomever you want in Bien Hoa (landlines or mobiles), as much as you want¹, whenever you want.

So that answers the question of which plan to use when calling Bien Hoa, but do you know the proper technique for how to call Bien Hoa?

Our foolproof four-step guide on how to call Bien Hoa from the USA:

  • Comienza con 011, el código de salida de EE. UU. y Canadá.
  • Luego, ingresa 84, el código de país de Vietnam.
  • Then, dial 61 — the Bien Hoa area code (landlines only*).
  • Finish dialing with the local 5–7 digit Bien Hoa phone number.

*When calling mobiles in Bien Hoa, enter the U.S./Canada exit code, the Vietnam country code and then either: a) “1” before the 9–digit mobile number or b) “9” before the 8–digit mobile number.

And that right there is how to call Bien Hoa, complete with the Bien Hoa calling code. But, as mentioned earlier, Vonage World lets you call all of Vietnam, not just Bien Hoa. So learn cómo llamar a Vietnam to discover how to call all the major Vietnamese cities today!

The Bien Hoa basics:

Only 20 miles east of Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa is considered a major suburb of the country's largest city. It was rejuvenated during the 1980s due to significant foreign investment. Joint ventures with numerous other countries created a number of large factories just outside of Bien Hoa. And along with these large factories came workers; as a result, real estate in Bien Hoa has seen a steady shift upwards since the mid-1990s.

¹Las llamadas ilimitadas y otros servicios para todos los planes residenciales se basan en el uso residencial, personal y no comercial normal. Una combinación de factores determinan el uso anormal, incluyendo, a título enunciativo: cantidad de números únicos a los que se llamó, llamadas reenviadas, minutos usados y otros. Sujeto a nuestra Política de uso razonable y nuestros Términos de servicio.