¡Llamar a Taiyuan es fácil!

Give Taiyuan a call!

Although Taiyuan is close to your heart, you unfortunately live nowhere near it. Desde que te mudaste has confiado en muchos servicios de llamadas para mantenerte en contacto y te han permitido llamar a Taiyuan, pero a un precio muy costoso.

Vonage thinks you should be able to call when you want, to whomever you want, without having to worry about the cost. Which is why we'd like to present our most popular calling plan: Vonage World® - the plan that gives you unlimited¹ calling to Taiyuan, which not only includes landlines but also Taiyuan mobiles! You read that right, calls to cell phones in Taiyuan are included. To sum it up, Vonage World includes free calls to Taiyuan for one low monthly rate. That's a whole lot for a little.

It’s been so long since I dialed Taiyuan without worrying, how do I call?
Not to worry, check out our calling guide below.

Guide for calling Taiyuan from USA:

  • Start by dialing 011 – the US/Canada exit code.
  • Then, dial 86 – the country code for China.
  • Next, dial 351 – the Taiyuan area code.
  • Finish by dialing the local Taiyuan telephone number.

So now you know how to call Taiyuan, but discover how to call the other major cities in the country by checking out our post on how to call China.

The truth about Taiyuan:

Taiyuan (not to be confused with Taiwan), possesses an impressive urban population of over 3 million.
The city has an extensive history and was once known as a military town but is now responsible for nearly half of China’s coal output.

Although Taiyuan has a blue-collar past and present, the city is well-frequented by tourists and food enthusiasts. Shanxi noodles, sausage, mutton soup and steamed dumplings are 'native' to the region, giving Taiyuan a unique and tantalizing food scene. Many temples are popular with tourists, such as the Jinci and Twin Pagoda, as are the Tianlong Shan Stone Caves that house a number of Tang Dynasty sculptures.

¹Las llamadas ilimitadas y otros servicios para todos los planes residenciales se basan en el uso residencial, personal y no comercial normal. Una combinación de factores determinan el uso anormal, incluyendo, a título enunciativo: cantidad de números únicos a los que se llamó, llamadas reenviadas, minutos usados y otros. Sujeto a nuestra Política de uso razonable y nuestros Términos de servicio.