Cómo llamar a Jinan desde EE. UU.

¡Llamar a Jinan nunca ha sido tan fácil!

Ya pasó mucho tiempo desde que disfrutabas la vista de Thousand Buddha Mountain, participabas de los partidos de Shandong Luneng o recordabas otros momentos gratos de Jinan. Es el momento de sentir nostalgia. Vonage World® includes free calls to Jinan mobiles and landlines. That's unlimited¹ calling to Jinan, AND the ability to call Jinan mobiles - seamlessly. No long international access codes or complicated foreign phone services. Vonage World gives you a plan to make unlimited¹ calls to Jinan for one low monthly cost. You now know the plan to call Jinan, but what's the right way TO call Jinan?

How to call Jinan from USA:

  • Start by dialing 011 – the US & Canada exit code.
  • Then, dial 86 – the China country code.
  • Next, dial 531 – the Jinan area code.
  • Finish by dialing the local telephone number.

That’s the plan to call Jinan, but maybe you have friends and family in other parts of China.
So check out how to call China to give them a call too!

The juice on Jinan:

Jinan has a population of nearly 3.2 million residents within its metro area (as of 2010), and is found 250 miles South of Beijing. Jinan is a very well-educated city, with a whopping 200,000+ students studying in 200 research institutes as well as a number of prestigious colleges and universities. Jinan’s educational emphasis has also altered the recent economic landscape of the city, as it formerly plied its trade in textiles and heavy industry, but has now seen a dramatic shift into information technology (IT), bioengineering and home appliances.

¹Las llamadas ilimitadas y otros servicios para todos los planes residenciales se basan en el uso residencial, personal y no comercial normal. Una combinación de factores determinan el uso anormal, incluyendo, a título enunciativo: cantidad de números únicos a los que se llamó, llamadas reenviadas, minutos usados y otros. Sujeto a nuestra Política de uso razonable y nuestros Términos de servicio.